Running Workshops

I have been running my workshops since 2010 and have had fantastic feedback from participants about what they have gained and achieved by attending. I am constantly evolving what I teach, based on the latest scientific research and my own experience as a runner and coach. As well as my 'open' workshops I've also run sessions for clubs and other coaches. Get in touch to discuss your needs if you'd like me to deliver a private workshop to your club or group.   

RUN BETTER workshop

Want to lower your risk of injuries and make running feel easier and more efficient? Find out how on my Run Better workshop. Through practical sessions looking at running form, running-specific strength and mobility and the importance of body awareness, this four-hour workshop delves into what good running entails and crucially, where your own strengths and weaknesses lie in relation to it, so that you go home armed with the information and tools you need to run better, whether that means faster, longer or simply happier. 

The session includes video analysis of your running form with feedback, and a handout with all the relevant exercises, drills and cues.

Places limited to 12 max. 

Cost per person £45

UPCOMING DATES/VENUES:  We’ll next be running this in spring 2019 - it’s not a good one to run in winter as there isn’t enough continuous running to keep you warm! Please drop us a mail to be notified when the spring dates are set.

For further details or to book, contact me.


Taking on your first marathon? Or perhaps you’ve already got a 26.2 miler or two under your belt but feel you haven’t yet done the distance justice. This workshop is perfect for you! Your two coaches have run over 40 marathons between them, and will show you how to get to both the start line and the finish line with a smile on your face… We will cover:

·       how to set a realistic goal for your race and how to plan and structure your training
to achieve it.

·       how to get those long runs right in terms of pace, distance and frequency.

·       tips on how to maximise recovery and deal with post-run niggles.

·       race preparation (including the taper and formulating your ‘race plan’).

·       race day itself - fuelling up, missing 'the wall' and winning the mental game.

The workshop also includes a fully coached and supported long run on a flat scenic trail, during which you’ll receive individual feedback on pacing and running form. Don’t worry if it’s your first-ever long run – there will be varying distances on offer. Afterwards, we’ll go through a practical recovery session. And there’ll be time at the end for all your marathon-related questions.

Cost per person £65

UPCOMING DATES/VENUES: 10am-4pm Sunday 20th January 2019. central Rye, East Sussex. 

For further details or to book, contact me.



This four-hour workshop will show you how to train more effectively to meet your performance goals. You'll learn how to figure out realistic time aims for your chosen races, the key types of sessions for different distances, how to get the most out of every session and how to structure a programme that works for you, balancing training with recovery and minimising the risk of injury. We'll also talk about race preparation and execution, including fuelling. This workshop will include a fully coached training session that will enable you to calculate appropriate pacing for all your training runs.

Cost per person £45

UPCOMING DATES/VENUES: Sunday February 24th 2019 10am-2pm Rye, East Sussex.

For further details or to reserve a space, contact me.

I wish I’d done your workshop years ago. I learned loads.
— Dan Allen
You’ve changed the way I look at my training - the mix of activities and the swapping of ideas was great.
— Bev de Valmency
Great course, great tutors - highly recommend.
— Peter Baker