Custom training plans

When I design a training plan for your chosen event, I start with a blank sheet - this is not 'one size fits all' programming! I'll take into account your existing fitness level and training history, strengths and weaknesses, time/day/location availability and injury propensity - so this is a huge step up from a ready-written training programme from a book or magazine article. After a detailed consultation*, you'll receive your fully bespoke plan in one go (for example, if it's for 16 weeks, you will receive all 16 weeks up front). You'll then follow it under your own steam, though we will of course go through it to ensure everything is crystal clear. Any further consultations are charged additionally. 

Coaching plan duration flexible: (12-week minimum) but full cost payable up front and charged at £40 per four weeks. 

I have learned so much from you that I will take into my training forever.
— Emma

OnE-to-one bespoke coaching

I coach a limited number of clients on a completely bespoke basis. After a detailed consultation*, I devise a science-backed tailor-made plan for your chosen race or training goal based on your fitness level, experience, aspirations, time availability and injury propensity. This is delivered to you online or by email in two-week blocks, with each subsequent block adjusted and amended according to our weekly feedback sessions (via phone or email) and your progress. I'll also prescribe relevant strength/mobility exercises and advise you on nutrition, recovery and race strategy.

You can get in touch with me any time with specific queries in between feedback sessions. 

Coaching plan duration flexible: (12-week minimum) £60 per four weeks.

Your training works.
— Richard

Running form assessment

I can help you become a more efficient and less injury-prone runner by assessing your running form in a one-off session that includes video analysis/review and building a personalised 'toolbox' of the key drills, strength and mobility exercises that will help you improve. I won’t blind you with science, or force you into a pre-set ‘ideal’ form; I will help you enhance your awareness of what you ‘do’ when you run, and arm you with useful imagery/coaching cues to take away and work on. £75 for a 90-minute session including written post-session feedback and advice.

Sam identified the problems in my running style and recommended small changes. With slow and steady progress, this has allowed me to run injury-free for six weeks - the first in a very long time.
— Barry

Personal Running Training/Consultancy

I also offer face-to-face personal running coaching or consultation sessions. Perhaps you want me to guide you through specific sessions within your programme, such as long runs or speed sessions - or meet regularly for a one-to-one running-specific strength and conditioning workout. Or we can sit down to discuss how best to return to running post-injury or pregnancy, or formulate an appropriate goal time for your next race. Email me to discuss your needs. £50 per hour.


*The consultation process starts with you completing my Coaching Application Form. Once I’ve digested this, we’ll speak by phone/email or in person to iron out the details. Once the plan is created, we’ll go through everything thoroughly so you know exactly what you’re doing.