Journalism Overview

I have been writing for national media about health and fitness for more than two decades, becoming one of the UK's leading experts. My work has appeared regularly in The Guardian, The Financial Times and Runner's World magazine, where I write the monthly Murphy's Lore column. My background in magazine journalism combined with my first class honours degree in sport and exercise science enable me to write engaging, accessible copy and commercial content with authority and insight. Get in touch to discuss your needs or see some of my work below.

Sam is an outstanding journalist.
Her knowledge of, and passion for, her subject are second to none.
— Andy Dixon, Runner's World magazine


A runner's best friend


Sam Murphy and her terrier discover why a dog can be the best running buddy a woman can have...


Guts for glory


How taking care of your gut microbiome can help you stay healthy and may even help you run faster...


Is your heart a ticking time bomb?


Sam Murphy investigates whether running can spell trouble for your heart.


Is heel striking the enemy of good form?


Heel striking has had a bad press, blamed by many for a tendency to cause injury. But is forefoot running always best? Sam Murphy sifts the evidence...


Waiting to inhale:
how to breathe during exercise


Many runners are obsessed with breathing patterns, but is there an optimum way to take in oxygen while you exercise? Sam Murphy investigates.



Running away from depression


Sam Murphy put on her trainers to find out how a Kent-based running group fights depression and anxiety with running.



Dare to bare: the truth about barefoot running


Is the key to better running really what you wear – or don’t wear – on your feet? Sam Murphy strips off her shoes to find out.



The Magic Mile

runner's world

How fast are you over a mile? Upping your pace and stamina over the distance will benefit your 5K, 10K and half-marathon times – and give you a kick that will leave the opposition gasping. Sam Murphy offers training advice and an 8-week programme to get you mile fit...



Saddle up

runner's world

Sam Murphy went to Cyclefit to discover how finding the right saddle can make all the difference to performance



A month of meditation

runner's world

It's been said that meditating can make you a better runner. Runner's World's Sam Murphy put it to the test.



Perfect 10

runner's world

Want to run a 10K in under 60, 50 or 40 minutes? Sam Murphy has the running plans for you.



Thirst for knowledge

runner's world

Sam Murphy wonders why so many runners find the new drinking guidelines so hard to swallow.



always take the weather with you

runner's world

Sam Murphy finds there's a silver lining to running in all weathers.



all aboard

Financial Times weekend

"I'd had visions of myself snoozing on the deck, fingers trailing in the water. But paddling a 16ft canoe with a fox terrier on board makes life rather more complicated."

Sam Murphy, her husband Jeff and dog Sidney test themselves on a canoe ride down the River Wye.



All at sea

financial times weekend

"We're heading out to the Inner Sound - an inland passage with an abundance of marine life - before setting up camp on a secluded coral beach".
Sam Murphy goes sea kayaking in Scotland.



peak performance

financial times weekend

Sam Murphy almost loses heart on an epic ascent in the Swiss Alps.



I rode all night

financial times weekend

Sam Murphy lights up for the unique Dunwich Dynamo 100-mile night ride.



Team Spirit

runner's world

A 24-hour relay race teaches Sam Murphy that a team is greater than the sum of its parts.



I Swam the Thames

financial times weekend

Sam Murphy takes the plunge into the sweet Thames.



no limits

runner's world

Can Muscle Activation Technique (MAT) help Sam Murphy reach new running heights?



the road to happiness

runner's world

Regular running can combat depression, banish anxiety and boost
self-esteem. Sam Murphy finds out how and why running can put a smile on your face.



way to go 

runner's world

Sam Murphy finds out that not all mental maps are created equal... 



om your marks

financial times weekend

Can years of running be balanced out by yoga? Sam Murphy strikes a pose to find out.