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Why you should resolve to set better New Year resolutions. In February…

In the Guardian last week, Harriet Harman MP confessed that she fully expected to fail to stick to her New Year’s resolutions of drinking less, eating more healthily and doing more exercise. The plus side, she said, was that she … Continue reading

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Don’t die of indolence

The Olympic legacy was meant to be a fitter, more active Britain, but research published last week in The Lancet shows that two out of three of us in the UK are not meeting the weekly physical activity guidelines – … Continue reading

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Weighty issues

It doesn’t take a sports scientist to observe that distance runners tend to be on the lean side. Excess body fat adds to the weight that has to be carried from foot to foot, and thus increases the energy cost … Continue reading

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Pie in the sky advice

Today, the Department of Health and Ramblers’ Association teamed up to encourage us all to have an active festive break. Now I’m all for that (check out my article, Get Fit, Not Fat, This Christmas on the Articles page) but … Continue reading

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Advice that’s a fat lot of good…

I am still aghast at the recent suggestion by the Scientific Advisory Committee that we, as a nation, may need to increase our calorie intake by 16 per cent because current recommended intakes for men and women ‘may be too … Continue reading

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