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London Marathon tips – 5 days to go!

There are all sorts of pills and powders and potions on the market promising to help you run further, longer or stronger. Most have, at best, only scant evidence to support their use. But there’s one substance that has garnered … Continue reading

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London Marathon week – 7 tips for 7 days

It’s London marathon week. Just six more sleeps before race day! There’s nothing else you can do, training-wise, to effect your performance now but there’s plenty you can do in other ways to make sure your day goes as well … Continue reading

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Marathon wisdom: niggles vs injury

Runners love to talk about ‘niggles’, even when they can barely limp down the stairs to get their running shoes on! But it’s not big and it’s not clever to downplay¬† or ignore problems, and doing so increases the likelihood … Continue reading

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Improve your running technique (WORKSHOP NOW FULL)

There is always a more, and less, efficient way of executing a physical movement – be it a golf swing, a tennis serve or a length of front crawl. And running is no exception. While you can ‘get by’ simply … Continue reading

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Next Master the Marathon workshop – 2 spaces left!

Get your New Year training underway with my Master the Marathon workshop. Taking place on Sunday 13th January, this full-day workshop offers a mix of practical advice and training – with sessions on establishing your marathon goal and pace, putting … Continue reading

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