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Got plantar fasciitis? Time for some sole searching…

Despite its complicated name, the majority of runners can pronounce plantar fasciitis because they’ve had the misfortune of personal experience. I’ve heard it called the M.E of sports injuries because it’s so hard to pin down what triggers it and … Continue reading

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Correct Toes in the UK

If you have spent much of your adult life wearing shoes, it’s unlikely that your feet are as strong and mobile as they were designed to be.  Perhaps your toes are all scrunched together… or you can’t make your little … Continue reading

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Something’s afoot

One step forwards, two steps backwards… No, it’s not a new drill I’ve invented, it’s the story of my return to running after my battle with plantar fascitis. Having taking tentative steps towards building up my training again, I’ve heeded … Continue reading

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