Something’s afoot

One step forwards, two steps backwards… No, it’s not a new drill I’ve invented, it’s the story of my return to running after my battle with plantar fascitis. Having taking tentative steps towards building up my training again, I’ve heeded the advice of the experts I’ve been working with and had a corticosteroid injection into the plantar fascia. You’ll find that a lot of textbooks and physios don’t recommend this, saying that it can raise the risk of rupture, but the modern view is that in cases as stubborn as mine, it can be a useful tool, provided it is done with precision and care. Hence the ‘X marks the spot’ photo and ultrasound guidance. So now it’s a few weeks of very cautious rehab…

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  1. Jeffy 4 says:

    Best of luck with the rehab. You deserve it. X.

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