5 responses to “Don’t die of indolence”

  1. Elly

    Nice one Sam – just made me decide to walk to the shops instead of taking the car!

  2. Ian

    Excellent blog – particularly like the health warning in the last sentence ;-)

  3. Mary

    Inspiring and so true. A new philosophy is needed! I’m taking this on board and getting back to training…:-)

    Thank you for the thoughts in this post Sam.

  4. John Gibbard

    Another great little post Sam, thank you. The behavioural psychology of encouraging commuters to walk/take the stairs isn’t being completely ignored though, thankfully. This sign, spotted by a friend, shows that LOCOG at least are encouraging visitors to think about getting out of the tube network (even if there’s probably an ulterior motive to reduce congestion!)

    > http://www.flickr.com/photos/annadahlstrom/7645752312/in/photostream


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