Advice that’s a fat lot of good…

I am still aghast at the recent suggestion by the Scientific Advisory Committee that we, as a nation, may need to increase our calorie intake by 16 per cent because current recommended intakes for men and women ‘may be too low.’ Really? Can they explain why almost two-thirds of the British population are overweight or obese, then? Over the past 50 years, the average daily calorie expenditure has decreased by approximately 500 calories, due to our more sedentary lifestyles and the wealth of  ‘labour saving’ devices we use, from escalators to washing machines, internet shopping to remote controls. And while there’s no evidence to suggest that calorie intake has increased, there is no question that waistlines have. The fact is, if you move less, you need to eat less. The SAC did acknowledge this – suggesting that people should only consume these extra calories if they are active – but it’s well known that only a tiny proportion of the population even meet the measly minimum recommendation of exercising 5 days a week for 30 minutes, let alone do enough activity to merit stuffing in an extra 400 calories per day. Unless you’re one of that small number who exceeds the physical activity guidelines, do yourself a favour and ignore this ill-thought out advice.

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