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Hear me on Woman’s Hour!

On Monday, 1st November, I will be arguing the case for running being a superior form of exercise to walking in a debate on Woman’s Hour, which airs from 10-11am on BBC Radio Four. In researching my ‘case’, here are some of … Continue reading

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Running with dinosaurs!

Crystal Palace park with its much-loved dinosaurs and world-famous stadium provided an interesting backdrop for my latest running workshop. We looked at technique using video analysis and then set about improving it with drills and exercises before putting it all into … Continue reading

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What to do in your intervals

When you are doing threshold or VO2 max interval training – or even fartlek – what should you do during that precious recovery period – stand still or keep moving? With a threshold interval (tempo pace), the effort should not … Continue reading

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Is it worth changing your running technique?

Anyone familiar with my writing and/or coaching will know that I believe the answer to the above question is a resounding yes… But I can’t deny that changing deeply-grooved habits is challenging. While some people I’ve worked with have said … Continue reading

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